The walks : For whom ?

  • People who have a competent level of English and who want to practise speaking the language. Ideal for people who are taking English language courses in their companies, at university, in language schools, les maisons pour tous…
  • People with a low level of English language skills can also be catered for on request.
  • Native English speakers who like exercise and want to discover some of the beauty spots of Finistère.
  • Corporate entertainment. For those organising corporate entertainment, we can offer short walks which will add to the enjoyment of the participants visit to the region.

Randonnee au Menez Hom Randonnee au Menez Hom Randonnee au Menez Hom

Some general comments

The walks are generally on rough paths that may be stony and wet and participants will need to wear a good pair of waterproof walking boots.
As the weather can be changeable and sometimes wet and windy, suitable clothing is also necessary. Water and a small snack are recommended.
For day walks, people will need to bring a picnic.

We meet at a specified place and time, and after a brief explanation of the walk, we set out. Walks vary a little in length and so, for example, a half-day walk can take between 3h and 3h30, depending on length and what we meet along the way.

Randonnee au Menez Hom Randonnee au Menez Hom Randonnee au Menez Hom

On the walks we will encourage conversation and talk about local history, legends and some of the animal and plant life of the area, as well as about more general subjects.
A pair of binoculars or a camera can be useful, depending on the walk and the weather !